Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Good Things in Life

I'm sure I have been coming across a but depressed lately.
Yes I have down days,
More so when Asher is gone.
In truth I am really not depressed.

For a while I was just coasting.
I had reached my dream of becoming and LPN
I got a good job that pays the bills.
I've got Ash settled into a school and a community.

All my previous goals met.
I have spent the last few months trying to figure out what my next move was.
Everyone said you need goals to look foreward to
And truthfully with no goals,
All I was doing was treading water.

I have always wanted to buy a house,
but the idea of saving up money for a deposit on my own
has always seemed unreachable.
Until last week that is.

I realised how much money I have been wasting.
I realised how much money I could be saving.
Then I learned about Tax Free Savings Accounts
And I worked out a plan.

I have goals again.
First I am going to pay off my credit card.
Next Ash and I are going on a holiday.
Then I start saving for my future house!

There are always good things in Life

Monday, April 21, 2014

Nursing: Survival of the Fittest

 someecards.com - If you're O.C.D. and you know it, wash your hands!

I mentioned last week my facility is on Outbreak.
Its been a long 10 days.
I worked really hard to make sure my staff had what they needed to stop the spread of infection.
I reminded clients every time I spoke to them "Wash your hands"

It wasn't enough.
As much of a control freak as I am,
I can't control others.
I also have no say in what other shifts do.
The Outbreak spread.

Between the two main units
we have had so many cases.
It is so frustrating.
This shouldn't happen.

I get the first few cases are hard to prevent,
With the first group spreading it before we know they have it.
That I get.
Once we are on Outbreak, and people are on isolation
It should stop spreading.

What frustrates me even more is when staff catch it.
We had at least 7 staff members call in sick today alone.
I believe that likely not all of those people are actually sick,
But I don't get why you would call in sick if you aren't
because you are basically telling everyone you are poor at hand hygiene.

Even worse, if you actually are sick, 
You really do have a hand hygiene issue.
Which means, You are not doing your job!
Which also means you are a BIG part of this problem.

It is our Job to take care of our patients.
It is our Job to wash our hands and not past illnesses o our clients.
DO your Job people!

Wash your hands
Protect your clients and yourself.
Its survival of the Fittest!
Don't let a virus get you down!

 someecards.com - Go back and wash your hands!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Worst Part of Single Parenthood

My last post was probably a bit depressing.
Truth be told I always go a little crazy when Asher goes way.
I've been told your life shouldn't revolve around your child,
and although I don't feel like mine does,
When he is gone, I feel completely lost and empty.

I was on the phone with a friend yesterday,
Also a single mother,
Also alone yesterday.
It was sad because without either of our children,
We were unable to think if any plans worth doing.

We get so used to planning our lives to work with our kids,
that the idea of finding something kid free to do,
without just going out and getting smashed,
was so foreign, neither of us left our houses.

At least it helped me feel less alone.
Every time that Asher is gone for an extended period of time
I realize how lonely life is.
Before becoming a mother I don't remember feeling this lonely.

There were always friends to go visit,
Or places to go.
Now it feels like everyone is having family time,
and I am alone.
Without Asher I have no one.

 I find this kind of funny because on a regular day
A day with Asher around,
Or even a day with him gone that is not a holiday,
I am content with being single.
I don't long for a husband or a boyfriend.
I am content with it just being Asher and I.

I guess the fact that it is so rare that he is gone away
especially for more than a night or two
doesn't help me learn to deal.
Though I am very thankful for that.

Every time he is gone I realize
the only part about being a single parent that I don't like
Is missing out on holidays or special times with my child.
Married couples never have to worry about that.
When I was married I never had to worry about that.

I miss my son like crazy
and I have already talked to him on the phone twice today.
The rest of the week won't be so bad because I will be busy with work.
I booked a shift every day for the next seven days
and when its over
Asher will be back in my arms.

7 days and counting.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Surviving a Childless Easter

I am struggling this weekend.
I always struggle when Asher's gone.
This weekend is worse than normal because its Easter.

Its my first Easter without Asher.
I haven't had an Easter alone in over 8 years.
Its really weird.
I've tried to just pretend Easter isn't happening.
It's not working.

With all the Easter commercials
All the facebook posts
All the flayer's
Seriously that damn bunny and chocolate eggs are EVERYWHERE.

I think it wouldn't be so bad if Ash was coming home right after Easter
Then we could have our own little celebration.
Unfortunately he isn't coming back for a week.
This is going to be the longest week ever.

To cope I booked extra shifts on my days off.
I'll be working 7 days straight.
Keeping busy is the only way to get by.
The problem is that I have today and tomorrow off.

How do you keep busy when everyone else is celebrating with family?

Happy Easter. or not.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

20 Commandments for MentalHealth workers

I was searching for nursing blogs to find, and came across this blog.  There aren't a lot of post, but what this lady has posted has great meaning.  I thought I would share this with you.  I think all that work in mental health should follow these commandments.

20 Commandments for MentalHealth workers: 20 Commandments for Mental Health workers: Thou shalt respect your patient and not judge Thou shalt increase the well-being, opportunities and happiness of your  patient Thou sh...

To Spend or to Save....

I am an Impulse spender.
I decide on a whim that I need something,
I immediately have to have it
and I go tot he store, and spend.

Sometimes that whim comes to me when I am already at the store,
Sometimes it's from an add on TV,
or someones post on a "Swap and Buy" group on facebook.

Everywhere I look there is propaganda telling me to spend my money
Sometimes its money I don't have,
Sometimes its money allocated for something else,
The worst part is, almost always it is something I can live without.

As you can guess as soon as I pay off my credit cards
I re-rack them up.
There is always something else I "need"
Even when I don't have the cash.

I've been more aware of my frivolous spending lately.
Its gotten way out of hand.

I was watching debt reality shows yesterday
and so I set out a realistic budget of my expenses, income, and reasonable spending.
It was a little shocking.
I worked out if I was really tight with my money
I could save $1000/mo.
Or I could pay off my credit cards, student loans, save for a vacation, or better yet save for a deposit for a house.

Its disgusting to realise that I wast approximately that much money every month.
Wasted on eating out, video games, makeup products, diet products,
clothes and scrubs when I already have lots, driving to town 5 times a week.
The list goes on and on.

It need to change.
I have decided to curb my spending to match the budget I made for myself.
Starting this week I will be on a cash budget.
I already pulled all my credit and bank cards from my car.
Now I almost need to cut them up to stop using them online,
but I am not quite ready for that yet.

My first goal is to pay of my credit card.
Next save $ 1000 for our holiday
Then start saving for a down payment for a house.
If I stick to this I would have enough money for a down payment on a house I could afford by next summer.

Buying a house for ash and I has been a goal of mine for along time.
I always thought it was unreachable.
Looking at my overspending i realised the money has been there all long.
No wI know where to gt it from,
and I don't even have to work extra hours.

I'll keep you posted how I'm going with this.
Its always hard to change habits.
I've tried to curb my spending problem before
and fell right back into bad habits.
With a long term goal in mind, I think I can stick to it this time.

I am so sick of renting and moving all the time!

The Time for change is Now!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Outbreak - Adventures in Nursing

I have worked a few shifts during numerous Outbreaks since I began working in health care 2 years ago. I know all about the proper personal protective equipment, the gowns, gloves, and masks that need to be warn in isolation rooms.  I've been taught to sanitize my hands in between removing each item of protective equipment to further decrease any spread of infection.  I thought I had a pretty good idea of dealing with an Outbreak, but yesterday I had a bit of a shock.

Yesterday when I got to work I found out I had numerous clients with similar symptoms.  That mean a possible outbreak.  It meant notifying Public Health and having them declare an Outbreak.  It meant going over all the procedures that needed to be put into place to prevent the spread of infection.  It also meant putting all those procedures into place, and following up with staff to ensure proper precautions were being taken.  It meant running all over the facility to find the proper supplies and enough of it for each of the cottages I work in, and each of the clients that were sick.

On top of that ensuring that staff were communicated to about the Outbreak, the staff currently working, and the staff coming on in future shifts.  Making sure that each staff member is aware of what is expected of them during an outbreak, and the importance of reporting any client of staff symptoms that may be related to the outbreak.

I honestly ran my butt off for 8.5 hours, and only sat down to chart at the end of my shift.  Between taking care of sick clients, passing out meds to all my clients for am and noon, setting up signage and cleaning supplies for the Outbreak there was no time for a lunch break, I think I barely made time for a pee break.

I honestly had no idea what all went into declaring an Outbreak and setting up to prevent further spread of infection.  I learned a lot yesterday.  That's the best part of nursing, there is always so much to learn.  I was completely exhausted yesterday, but I still love nursing, I still love my job!
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